When advertising a rental, the better it’s presented, the more people will want to view the property.

This attracts alot more prospective tenants who will submit applications, ultimately giving you more choices and enabling you to choose the best tenant for your property based on merit.

This short video talks about doing basic well at a low cost to attract great tenants because a small investment of time or money can yield significant returns.



I want to chat with you about simple, easy ways to attract top tenants. Because when you’re advertising a rental, right, the better it’s presented attracts more people wanting to view that property, attracting prospective tenants that are going to put applications in and ultimately gives you more choice when you are going to be going through those applications, enabling you to choose the best tenant for your property on merit.

So, first off, and I know this basic stuff, you’ll be surprised that this is neglected. I mean, a house may be presented as reasonably clean.

But I’m talking from the ceiling to the floor; I’m talking light shades, if there’s any dust on skirting boards that is wiped off, and wiped out cupboards.

The whole house presented spick and span. It will make a world of difference for the tenants who are moving in. Tenants will notice, I assure you.

Professionally clean carpets
Clean windows inside and out.

Get those niggly repairs done because you really want to get them done. You don’t want to muck around; you don’t want leaky taps and stuff like that. So get that stuff done. And, of course, when someone is viewing the property, a prospective tenant opens a wardrobe door, and the handle comes off in their hand; that’s not a good look.

So get that stuff done. It’s a good idea to replace old curtains if they’re really outdated, mouldy or faded. You can get premade curtains and great deals with specials, which also makes a world of difference; I know, it’s basic stuff.

I tell you what, just doing this stuff makes a big difference. So, the grounds are tidy, the lawns are mowed and manicured, and the edges are trimmed.

Now you can tell, can’t you, when a lawn hasn’t been mowed regularly; it just doesn’t look the same. Or if lawns have been left, it takes two or three mows to get them down.

So I’m talking nicely. Manicured lawns, weeds dealt with in the paths, anything growing up in concrete cracks, etc., and driveway weed gardens.

Of course. Remove rubbish from the grounds or garage. Get rid of old stuff just sitting around; that’s no good. Sweep the garage out thoroughly. It’s all basic stuff, I know, but man, does it make a difference just doing those things low. If you do them well, it’ll change the look.

It’s great if you want to renovate, paint, and do all that stuff, but just doing these basic things will make a huge difference to your property.

When advertising, of course, you want to ensure you’re healthy. Homes compliant and smoke alarm compliant.

And remember that a small investment can yield significant returns.

I hope that helps catch up next time.


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