Not maintaining water tank systems and landlords failing to do this can cause a heap of trouble.

If you are renting a rural property you should provide a full tank (or at least near to) at the start of a tenancy.

The tenancy agreement should record that the tenant will arrange and pay for any refills.

Landlords need to provide adequate means for the collection and storage of water.

Maintaining the tank system leak-free and uncontaminated condition is essential to prevent water wastage and health risks.

Sometimes, landlords fail to:

🟢 Clean gutters regularly.

🟢 Check & clean filter inlets from collection plates where downpipes meet or at the tank.

🟢 At the house, failing to change exterior & interior filters when due for replacement.

This short video explains why you should.


Failing to do this can cause a heap of trouble.

I had a situation with a rural property that was newly listed with new tenants, and they were complaining about the water.

So I checked out the tank’s source and what the collection was, and it was coming from quite a large woolshed, a plantation of pine trees at the back, and pine needles everywhere on the roof.

The gutters were full, and it was a mess. So we called in a tank specialist. What they did was they drained the tank, purified the water, and washed out the tank, and also why the water was getting purified.

They flushed and cleaned all the gutters, stored some gutter whiskers where needed, and got the whole system nice and clean.

Once the tank was completely clean and the water purified.

They put the water back in there, and we were good to go. The tenants noticed a huge difference right away. It wasn’t perfect, and it just needed fresh water to come in because it was a little discoloured.

But the tenants noticed a huge difference as soon as we did that.

So, today’s tip is to keep it from getting to that stage.

Check out your water systems and get them cleaned regularly. We’ll make a huge difference, making life easier for you and your tenants.

So I hope that helps. We’ll catch you next time.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do.

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