Ensuring you have a professional bona fide property manager is vital for you and your rental property, giving you the best outcomes that will make your life as a landlord much easier by;

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➡ Minimising your stress levels

✔ When you have competent property management, your stress levels should be minimal; even if a difficult situation arises, your property manager will be solution-focused and act quickly to solve the problem.

➡ Providing you with peace of mind.

✔ With your property managed diligently, you can relax and get on with your life with no cause to worry or endure sleepless nights.

➡ Optimising your returns on investment.

✔ So if a rental property is effectively managed, gaining a higher returns go without saying.

➡ Giving you more time to spend on what matters most to you.  nifty ways a property manager makes life easier for landlords

✔ When you have the right property manager on board, you can let go of the reins.

✔ Knowing things are taken care of; you can relax, take time off, maybe have a break and spend more time with your loved ones.

✔ You won’t have to micromanage your property manager.

➡ Having efficient systems in place makes your life easier.

✔ Any tenancy information you require, rent summaries and tenancy agreements for your bank manager or mortgage broker will be at your property manager’s the fingertips.

✔ Monthly statements, invoices, year-end statements, and expense reports will be conveniently available for you and your accountant.

➡ Being reachable by phone during working hours.

✔ It’s frustrating when you can’t get hold of your property manager, or they won’t return your calls; this is not good enough.

✔ A property manager with integrity will have systems and priorities in place to get back to you in a timely manner when busy.

➡ Effective advertising so quality tenants will apply when your property becomes available for rent.

✔ When advertising, how you write your ad can make a big difference.  Using professional-looking photos with the right shot from the right angle.

✔ And loading a 360 3D virtual tour will set your property apart, attracting good tenants renting your property faster.

➡ Having an excellent tenant selection process in place to secure you the best tenant possible.

✔ An experienced property manager will have a comprehensive selection process that allows accurate screening resulting in the most suitable tenant/s chosen on their merit, considering the applicant’s landlord history, character referee, background & credit checks.

➡ Preparing tenancy agreements with the correct legal clauses protecting you, the landlord. nifty ways a property manager makes life easier for landlords

✔ Having a property manager with access to legal training and protective clauses is vital to mitigate any issues to protect you and your property. That can be easily added to the tenancy agreement with up-to-date software is paramount.

➡ Being up to date with tenancy laws and any changes to legislation keeps you safe.

✔ Yes, there is need for ongoing training to keep up to date with legislation changes is so important to keep everyone safe.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do. We would love to manage your property too.

So if you are considering engaging a property manager in Palmerston North, Manawatua or the Tararua Region.

Please feel free to drop me an email or call 027 249 8295  📞

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