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Selecting quality tenants

Securing a top-quality tenant that stays long term is by far the most crucial ingredient for a long term trouble-free rental.

For some selecting tenants can be a haphazard procedure.

When selecting a tenant, it is vital to reduce your risk as a property investor as much as possible and by applying a very comprehensive selection process that we follow every time allows us to choose the best tenant on merit for your property.

Introducing our keys to gaining better Financial Returns when finding the ideal tenants for your property – we call this the EEL Formula.


Educating tenants is an ongoing process, occasionally we will need to explain to a tenant how to clean a particular area of the house properly. Another example of education is why it is essential to ventilate the property or the process in place if the rent is not paid on time.


We make sure your tenants know what’s expected of them throughout the tenancy

This provides transparency and clear expectations and outcomes e.g. we explain and detail to tenants in written form what is required when the tenancy is over to present the property to a satisfactory clean and tidy state to enable a full bond refund.


By demonstrating a high level of communication we lead by example our expectations for a mutually rewarding relationship with tenants.

We advertise properties that are clean and well maintained, demonstrating our expectation of how the property should be presented both at the start and end of the tenancy. By communicating regularly and promptly to any concerns received from Tenants, ensures that Tenants are in return, more likely to get in touch promptly if a maintenance issue arises during the term of the tenancy, thus protecting your property investment.

Owner operated

As owner-operated experienced property investors, we understand the pitfalls and frustrations of being a landlord; therefore, we have a strong customer, focus both to owners and tenants.