Three tips on how to get better results when you’re advertising your rental property online because shoddy marketing does suck.

It doesn’t help anyone.

This short video talks you through it:


1️⃣ Take Good Professional Looking Photos.

Now, I don’t necessarily mean you have to go and pay someone to take professional photos but take good, full shots inside of the rooms and, of course, outside as well.

Give the person viewing online an excellent example of what that property is about. And take them room by room through that property and load them up online the same way.

So, for example, the lounge, the dining room, the kitchen, downs the hallway, the bathroom, and then the bedrooms. That way, they get a much better understanding.

When you see photos online, and you see the dining room, and the next minute, you’re in a bedroom, and then you’re back in the kitchen, it’s just more confusing.

Having them methodically loaded up makes a world of difference for the prospective tenants.

2️⃣ Clear Bullet Point Ads

An easy way to write the ad is just a quick intro about that property and how they apply or view it. Then, just bullet points.

It is a nice, easy read for tenants to see if the property will meet their needs.

For example, your ad might say double garage, good size deck, easy care, maintenance-free section, that type of thing.

3️⃣ Property Presented Well.

I harp on about this having the property presented clean and tidy inside and out.

I saw an example where a renovation had been done inside; the place looked immaculate.

But outside, it just didn’t represent the inside of that property. The grounds were messy, and the lawns needed to be nice and short.

There were weeds everywhere; bushes needed trimming back. It wasn’t a significant cost, but it makes a world of difference, reflecting what that property was like inside.

The outside was a different story. If the grounds were not tidied up, the owner would lose money.

 Hope that helps. See you next time.

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