What Do Dogs, Horses And People Have in Common?

What on earth do sheepdog’s, horses and people have in common, particularly in Property Management?

Well, good question; interesting enough, working with human beings or animals, surprisingly, I’ve found there’s not that much difference. Both people and animals respond to kindness.

And indeed, property management is a people business. 

The key to working with people is treating them well, earning their trust, expressing appreciation, and being authentic and transparent, and it’s much the same with dogs & horses.

There’s a remarkable special bond that occurs when working with these animals.

In my early years, I started farming as a shepherd learning how to handle working sheepdogs and horses on hill country farms and stations, mainly in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne and then progressing to farm management.

As a young fellow, I loved it. I was in my element, although tremendous learning took place. Working with sheepdogs and horses, you must earn their trust and be firm but kind.

For a horse or dog to trust you, you need to be dependable because they won’t obey their handler if they don’t trust them.

So training young dogs and horses takes time; like most things, the more time you put into their training, the better outcome. Farm Management to Property Management

You need your wits about when you go out mustering on NZ’s steep hill country.

Being careful where you lead your horse over steep terrain, the horse has to trust you, and you also need to trust them.

Going out early in the morning with 8 to 10 dogs called a team of dogs and for very good reason. Yes, they need good training and a firm hand to keep them in line, but what an incredible team we were.

You see, a well-bread sheepdog loves to work with stock; that’s what they’re made for, and I had the privilege of working with incredibly skilful dogs, both heading dogs and huntaway’s, heading dog head a mob (turns them), and a huntaway hunt them away with their bark.

What’s amazing about working with sheepdogs and horses is that they are incredibly loyal. They want to please you. If you treat them right and look after them well, they will work hard all day alongside you.

There’s no wiggle room with animals; you can’t be superficial, pretending to be what you’re not.

And so it is in property management; you have to be honest with people and transparent, treat tenants fairly, and have a firm hand when needed.

Over the years, working with both horses and sheepdogs has helped me immensely in this area to be more authentic and genuine.

Horses Helping Humans

Horses Helping Humans is an internationally recognised, award-winning programme that empowers vulnerable youth/rangatahi, providing them with lifelong skills to proactively manage anxiety, anger, stress and pressure.

Their Programme Outcomes are:

🟢 Improved self-confidence.

🟢 Improved emotional regulation.

🟢 Improved assertive communication skills.

🟢 Use body language to communicate clear boundaries.

🟢 Learn what saying “no” looks and feels like.

🟢Improved self-awareness.

🟢 Improved awareness of others.

🟢 Improved mental well-being.

🟢 Improved engagement in education.

🟢 Strong sense of connection with their hōiho (horse)

➡️  Here’s a short YouTube clip about them.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do.

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