Optimising Your Rental Return

Optimising Your Rental Return

Over the years, I’ve discovered that doing these four core fundamentals to a high standard guarantees excellent results in optimising your rental return. 

Do them poorly; you generally end up with less than desirable results..

This short video explains the four key fundamentals of property management.

First Fundamental - Diligent tenant selection

Prioritising diligent tenant selection is paramount. To mitigate risk, employ a rigorous screening process to identify the most suitable candidate for your property based on merit.

What Does Due Diligence Entail?

1️⃣ Scrutinising the Tenant’s Rental History

🟢Contacting past and present landlords for references.

🟢Seeking character references, preferably from professional sources such as current or former employers or real estate agents.

2️⃣ Conducting Credit and Background Checks

🟢 Conduct thorough credit history and background assessments, including examinations of any past involvement with the Tenancy Tribunal, New Zealand Police records, and the New Zealand Parole Board to ensure confidence in tenant selection.

🟢 Look for tenants who demonstrate financial responsibility, honesty, and reliability.

🟢 Avoid letting emotions dictate your choice; while gut instincts are valuable, they should only supplement the comprehensive due diligence process. 


Second Fundamental - Routine inspections

🟢  Establishing rapport with tenants and ensuring the property remains clean and tidy.

Promptly addressing any necessary repairs.

🟢 Encouraging a proactive approach from tenants in maintaining the property.

🟢 Distinguishing between fair wear and tear and actual damage to the property.

🟢 Attracting long-term tenants by providing excellent service.

Ingoing and Outgoing Tenants

Before new tenants take occupancy, it’s crucial to document the property’s condition. This documentation, known as an ingoing condition report, is reviewed and signed by both tenants and the landlord, confirming the property’s condition upon move-in.

In the event of a dispute during the bond inspection at the end of a tenancy, the ingoing condition report and accompanying photos serve as evidence and a reference point for the property’s initial state when the tenants first moved in.

Third Fundamental - Twelve monthly rent reviews retaining market rent

Implementing 12 monthly rent reviews and maintaining market rent levels is crucial for optimising rental returns, with costs escalating annually, including rates, insurance, and potentially fluctuating interest rates on loans. Optimising Your Rental Return

Yearly reviews ensure that rental income stays aligned with expenses, thereby maintaining better profitability and investment viability in the long run.

1️⃣Fairness and Equity: Annual rent increases align the rent with the property’s current market value and ensure that long-term tenants aren’t paying significantly less than newer tenants for a similar property, particularly in a multi-dwelling complex, where this could seen as unfair.

2️⃣ Financial Viability: As market conditions change, so do expenses associated with the property, such as maintenance, taxes, and insurance. By increasing rent annually to match or closely follow market rates, landlords can ensure that the rental income keeps pace with the rising property maintenance costs.

3️⃣ Maximising Returns: Keeping rents at market levels ensures landlords maximise their rental income potential. Over time, the cumulative effect of below-market rents can lead to significant revenue loss. By adjusting rents annually, landlords can optimise their return on investment.

4️⃣ Avoiding Large Rent Hikes: Landlords need to incrementally adjust rents to reflect market rates to avoid finding themselves in a situation where they need to implement a substantial rent increase to catch up. This sudden increase could lead to tenant dissatisfaction, potential turnover, or even legal issues. By implementing smaller annual increases, landlords can mitigate the risk of tenants leaving due to unaffordable rent hikes.

While there may be instances where landlords prefer to maintain stable rents to encourage tenant retention, it’s essential to balance this with financial considerations and fairness to both parties.

Yearly, incremental adjustments that closely track market rates are a more sustainable approach for landlords and tenants in the long run.

Fourth Fundamental - Maintaining high occupancy rates.

Maintaining high occupancy rates in rental properties is crucial for several reasons.

1️⃣ Stability of Income: High occupancy rates ensure a steady flow of rental income, which is vital for property owners to cover mortgage payments, maintenance costs, and other expenses associated with property ownership. Vacant properties generate no income but still incur expenses, which can strain finances.

2️⃣ Maximising Profitability: A fully occupied property maximises its revenue potential. Each vacancy represents a lost opportunity for income. By minimising vacancies and maximising occupancy, landlords can optimise their return.

3️⃣ Enhancing Property Value: Properties with high occupancy rates are generally seen as more valuable in the real estate market, lenders and property investors are more likely to view a fully occupied property positively, which can lead to better financing terms and higher resale

4️⃣ Reducing Turnover Costs: High turnover rates can be costly for property owners due to expenses associated with advertising vacancies, screening new tenants, and preparing properties ready to re-rent.

The trick is to minimise downtime between tenants to two or three days maximum. Maintaining high occupancy rates and retaining existing tenants longer can minimise turnover costs and ensure a more stable rental income stream.

Maintaining high occupancy rates is essential for rental properties’ financial health, stability, and long-term success. Aiming for 100% occupancy might not always be feasible, but striving for maximum occupancy ensures that the property is performing at its best potential.

Applying these key fundamentals are skills you can only master over time with training and experience.

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Tips For Tenants Applying To Rent A Property

Tips for tenants applying to rent property

This short video talks you through four tips for tenants applying to rent a property that will help you if you are a tenant looking to apply for a rental property.

➡️ Follow instructions on advertising media.

➡️ Viewing the property.

➡️ Applications.

➡️ Referees – Ideally, landlord current & past and character referees are professional in nature.


I’ve wanted to do these four little tips for a while, which hopefully help you If you are a tenant looking to apply for a property.

1️⃣ Follow instructions on advertising media.

The first one is to follow instructions on advertising media, how to use and book a view generally. Property management companies usually have it at the top of the page in the description. Copy this link.

It sends you either through to a tenancy service portal, or it might send you through to the property management company’s website, where you can register and book viewings.

We get emails from tenants all the time. How do you apply? How do you view this property? When the instructions are already there? So please follow the instructions now.

Also, when a property is first listed, viewing times are generally scheduled, and you can select one. Of course, if those viewing times don’t work, you’re registered, and then you can email and say, hey, look.

I see you got a couple of viewing times, but unfortunately, they don’t work. Please let me know if there’s another viewing because I want to view the property, and then you’re good to go. But please follow the instructions.

3️⃣ Viewing

Viewing the property, of course, if you have booked in for a viewing, turn up obviously.

Look, at least half of the people who book for viewing don’t turn up; it’s easy to cancel. Why would you book in if you can’t make it? It’s easy to cancel. You get reminders as well, so cancel.

Common sense. And if you’re running late, it’s good to ring up the agent, say you’re running late, phone or text or whatever, but there’s nothing worse than when you’re locking up and someone’s turning up late. If you were aware, this makes it much easier, so please do that.

3️⃣ Applications before or after viewings? 

Some companies stipulate you’ve got to view a property they don’t want someone to apply for and then go to view the property and find out it’s unsuitable.

But I don’t mind an application coming in before you’ve viewed the property. But again, if this is what the instruction is, just follow that instruction.

Personally, though, I like people applying first. If you’ve seen it and there’s a 3d tour, you’ve had a good look and are confident it meets your needs. Certainly apply because once you’ve viewed it, you’re halfway there already.

4️⃣  Referees

Referees ideally have two landlord references. Most current and past landlords are really important.

They’re very good for determining your suitability as a tenant, and we need to know that. Unfortunately, we can’t do it at face value. Also, character referees are good but professional. I mean that it could be an employer, current employer, or past employer.

It could be professional in nature, as in social work or someone that comes into your home. It could be a real estate agent who sold your property in the past. Or you might have just sold and are going to rent a property. They’re all good. But not mums and dads.

A lot of tenants put down family members and friends, and it’s just not suitable, unfortunately; if you’re applying for a job, would you put your mum or dad down as a reference?

Probably not, and it’s the same when you’re applying for a rental property,

I hope these tips help you. See you next time.


Shoddy Rental Ads Really Suck

Rental Properties With A Shoddy Ad Really Suck

Three tips on how to get better results when you’re advertising your rental property online because shoddy marketing does suck.

It doesn’t help anyone.

This short video talks you through it:


1️⃣ Take Good Professional Looking Photos.

Now, I don’t necessarily mean you have to go and pay someone to take professional photos but take good, full shots inside of the rooms and, of course, outside as well.

Give the person viewing online an excellent example of what that property is about. And take them room by room through that property and load them up online the same way.

So, for example, the lounge, the dining room, the kitchen, downs the hallway, the bathroom, and then the bedrooms. That way, they get a much better understanding.

When you see photos online, and you see the dining room, and the next minute, you’re in a bedroom, and then you’re back in the kitchen, it’s just more confusing.

Having them methodically loaded up makes a world of difference for the prospective tenants.

2️⃣ Clear Bullet Point Ads

An easy way to write the ad is just a quick intro about that property and how they apply or view it. Then, just bullet points.

It is a nice, easy read for tenants to see if the property will meet their needs.

For example, your ad might say double garage, good size deck, easy care, maintenance-free section, that type of thing.

3️⃣ Property Presented Well.

I harp on about this having the property presented clean and tidy inside and out.

I saw an example where a renovation had been done inside; the place looked immaculate.

But outside, it just didn’t represent the inside of that property. The grounds were messy, and the lawns needed to be nice and short.

There were weeds everywhere; bushes needed trimming back. It wasn’t a significant cost, but it makes a world of difference, reflecting what that property was like inside.

The outside was a different story. If the grounds were not tidied up, the owner would lose money.

 Hope that helps. See you next time.

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Renting – Yep, First Impressions Count

Yep First Impressions Count

Renting, yep, first impressions count. There’s no doubt about it when meeting someone for the first time or looking at a rental property.

Sometimes, you can add tremendous value at a very low cost before renting your property.

I had been approached by a new client who wanted their property rented as they were moving out of town. This particular property was located on a back section of a shared driveway.

When I met the client for the first time, I thought, Oh no. The metal driveway had long grass growing on both sides of a drive, and there were potholes everywhere.

This video explains

It just wasn’t a good look. But when I went on-site, the property was very tidy inside. And there were lovely grounds outside. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I suggested to the owner we need to get the grass tidied up on the shared driveway verge and lay base course metal to fill in the potholes before we advertise the property for rent.

What a huge difference that made; indeed, first impressions count, and at a low cost, it added so much value and street appeal.

Yep First Impressions Count

➡️ And the neighbour, in fact, not long after the main driveway was done, tidied up their driveway. Trimmed the grass verge and removed the blackberry along the fence. 

➡️ It was an add-on effect influencing a neighbour, which added even more street appeal.

In a Blog, Getting Your Property Ready To Rent, I mentioned it’s quite often the simple things that count.

Such as having gutters cleaned, the house washed of all cobwebs and grime, the mailbox replaced if it’s tired, gardens tidied, lawns mowed, and edges trimmed.

Or wash or water blast the patio, deck, paths, or house if needed.

You can check the blog out here.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do.

Sheepdogs, Horses And People – A Common Denominator

what do sheepdog’s horses and people have in common?

What Do Dogs, Horses And People Have in Common?

What on earth do sheepdog’s, horses and people have in common, particularly in Property Management?

Well, good question; interesting enough, working with human beings or animals, surprisingly, I’ve found there’s not that much difference. Both people and animals respond to kindness.

And indeed, property management is a people business. 

The key to working with people is treating them well, earning their trust, expressing appreciation, and being authentic and transparent, and it’s much the same with dogs & horses.

There’s a remarkable special bond that occurs when working with these animals.

In my early years, I started farming as a shepherd learning how to handle working sheepdogs and horses on hill country farms and stations, mainly in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne and then progressing to farm management.

As a young fellow, I loved it. I was in my element, although tremendous learning took place. Working with sheepdogs and horses, you must earn their trust and be firm but kind.

For a horse or dog to trust you, you need to be dependable because they won’t obey their handler if they don’t trust them.

So training young dogs and horses takes time; like most things, the more time you put into their training, the better outcome. Farm Management to Property Management

You need your wits about when you go out mustering on NZ’s steep hill country.

Being careful where you lead your horse over steep terrain, the horse has to trust you, and you also need to trust them.

Going out early in the morning with 8 to 10 dogs called a team of dogs and for very good reason. Yes, they need good training and a firm hand to keep them in line, but what an incredible team we were.

You see, a well-bread sheepdog loves to work with stock; that’s what they’re made for, and I had the privilege of working with incredibly skilful dogs, both heading dogs and huntaway’s, heading dog head a mob (turns them), and a huntaway hunt them away with their bark.

What’s amazing about working with sheepdogs and horses is that they are incredibly loyal. They want to please you. If you treat them right and look after them well, they will work hard all day alongside you.

There’s no wiggle room with animals; you can’t be superficial, pretending to be what you’re not.

And so it is in property management; you have to be honest with people and transparent, treat tenants fairly, and have a firm hand when needed.

Over the years, working with both horses and sheepdogs has helped me immensely in this area to be more authentic and genuine.

Horses Helping Humans

Horses Helping Humans is an internationally recognised, award-winning programme that empowers vulnerable youth/rangatahi, providing them with lifelong skills to proactively manage anxiety, anger, stress and pressure.

Their Programme Outcomes are:

🟢 Improved self-confidence.

🟢 Improved emotional regulation.

🟢 Improved assertive communication skills.

🟢 Use body language to communicate clear boundaries.

🟢 Learn what saying “no” looks and feels like.

🟢Improved self-awareness.

🟢 Improved awareness of others.

🟢 Improved mental well-being.

🟢 Improved engagement in education.

🟢 Strong sense of connection with their hōiho (horse)

➡️  Here’s a short YouTube clip about them.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do.

New Tenancies – Set Clear Expectations Upfront

New Tenancies - Set Clear Expectations Upfront

Set Clear Expectations.

With all new tenancies, it’s essential to set clear expectations upfront.

It’s important to have an inducting process when signing up new tenants.

We always read through the tenancy agreement with all new tenants, ensuring they understand their legal requirements.

Pointing out the most crucial clauses they need to be aware of and ensure their personal details are correct.

✅ Tenants appreciate knowing what’s expected of them to get their full bond back at the end of the tenancy.

Providing a vacate checklist at the start of the tenancy and going over this with them makes life easier for everyone. New Tenancies - Set Clear Expectations Upfront

▶️ Of course, as long as the landlord/property manager adheres to the same standards at the start of the tenancy.

▶️ Having a checklist reminds the tenant what to do when they are ready to vacate, i.e. cleaning, returning keys etc.

▶️ It reinforces how the property has been presented to them. (tip make sure the vacate checklist is sent out with the vacate letter at the end of a tenancy)

▶️ If you’ve done your job correctly, providing a well-presented property and have selected good tenants.

When leaving the premises, your tenants will feel more obligated to hand over the property to that standard.

You may wish to check out this blog – Landlord’s Maintain a Professional Approach (click here)

Provide an Ingoing Property Condition Report.

An ingoing condition report should provide an accurate account of the condition of the rental property.

Point out the overall condition of every room from the floor to the ceiling, i.e. average condition or very good.

Specify any property defect or damage, for example, a small dent in the dining room wall near the window.

It is best to weigh up what’s fair wear and tear, as this does not need to be recorded as the tenants are not liable for normal fair wear and tear to the property.

Take a full library of photos to back up your ingoing condition report. With all new tenancies, it's essential to set clear expectations upfront.It's important to have a tenant induction process.

Our tenancy agreements have a clause stating tenants have seven days to note any items of difference from the commencement date.

Otherwise, the tenant accepts the premises in the condition referred to in the property condition report; this is a great way to get buy-in from your tenant.

The state of the property is agreed upon and signed by both parties upfront

➡️ At the end of the tenancy, it stops any argument regarding the property’s condition, as you can refer back to the condition report.

➡️ It can solve a whole lot of heartache with the He Said She Said scenario.

➡️ Doing the above well, setting expectations upfront avoids conflict at the end of a tenancy.

↩️Do this poorly, and the outcome can be very stressful and costly.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do.

The Mundane Daily Tasks Of Property Management.

The Mundane Daily Tasks Of Property Management

Do the mundane daily tasks of property management actually matter?

The grandiose of managing properties may include helping landlords with their property investment decision-making.

And as much as I would like to think sitting down with clients having coffee or going out to lunch as important as this is. The Mundane Daily Tasks Of Property Management

Its attention to detail and dedication to doing the little things to a high standard ultimately gets the best results for our landlord clients.

So back to the question of doing those mundane daily tasks in Property Management, who cares? Does it really matter?

Of course, it does; and in fact, these sometimes tedious, mundane tasks are the most crucial.

It would be fair to say that not doing these daily tasks to a high standard has let down many property managers and landlords over the years.

For Example;

➡️ Checking incoming rents daily.
➡️ Keeping to a regular routine inspection pattern.  The Mundane Daily Tasks Of Property Management
➡️Responding to tenants’ requests promptly.  
➡️ Arranging repairs & maintenance efficiently. 
➡️ Recording ingoing & outgoing inspections. 
➡️ Arrange annual service checks, i.e. log fires, heat pumps & smoke alarms.
➡️ Doing daily reconciliation and keeping accurate bookwork and accounts up to date.
➡️ Advertising rentals arranging viewings, handling tenant applications, tenant screening, conducting background checks, and facilitating the move-in process. 
➡️ Yearly rent reviews.
➡️ Ensuring landlords comply with healthy home standards and health and safety.

And the lists go on.

Yep, property management is a glamorous job, alright, or maybe not so much. But like any profession, to be good at it, you’ve got to love what you do.

While many of these tasks are mundane, they are vital to ensuring that the property is functioning well for the landlord, giving a good return while maintaining a positive, safe living space for tenants.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do.

What Makes an Outstanding Property Manager?

What Makes an Outstanding Property Manager?

What makes an outstanding property manager is a really good question.

Indeed, a great property manager must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

The ability to work well with people is an important quality; having a friendly demeanour, a positive attitude, and exceptional customer service skills are all essential.

Building relationships with new and existing clients and tenants is a key aspect of the job.

And on the other side of the spectrum, a property manager must also excel in time management and prioritise tasks effectively. Also, attention to detail and being highly organised are vital traits for success.

But what truly sets an exceptional property manager apart?

I believe it boils down to mastering 4 core fundamentals of property management. What Makes an Outstanding Property Manager?

These skills can only be acquired through years of experience and training.

There’s no better way to learn than by actively managing your own rental property portfolio.

It all began in 2003 when I started investing in property as a landlord and investor. This hands-on experience led me to establish my own property management company in 2009.

It gave me valuable insights into the four core fundamentals of Property Management.

If these fundamentals are well executed, the results can be astounding.

Likewise, if done poorly, the consequences for the landlord can be devastating.

These four core property management fundamentals will cheer you on louder than a sold-out stadium.

🟢 First up, we’ve got diligent tenant selection. No more nightmare tenants ruining your investment vibes! What Makes an Outstanding Property Manager?

🟢 Then, we’ve got regular inspections on our playlist, ensuring your property is always in tip-top shape.

🟢 And let’s remember to maintain market rent because, hey, we want you to ride the wave of those lucrative returns!

🟢 Last but not least, we have high occupancy rates. We’ll keep those rental spots filled faster than a catchy tune climbs the charts.

➡️ Trust me; the outcomes for our landlords are like winning a Grammy!

➡️So, my friends, with our trustworthy and thorough management style, you’ll finally have the peace of mind you’ve been craving.

➡️ Because let’s face it, a happy tenant equals a happy landlord, and we’ll make sure everyone’s singing in perfect harmony.

Our ideal client craves professional, trustworthy service and understands that taking care of tenants is the key to protecting their investment; if this is you, then you have the ultimate encore waiting!

Let’s connect and turn your rental properties into chart-toppers together!

Getting Your Property Ready To Rent

getting your property ready to rent - - all ways property mangement palmerston north

See the below checklist when getting your property ready to rent.

Please consider the value it will bring to the rental market when you advertise a well-presented property gives you more options to secure the best tenant on merit with a broader pool of tenants.

Squeaky Clean

Make sure the house interior is clean. I mean spick & span!

Please do not take the importance of a spotless rental lightly and the added value it will make to prospective tenants.

When a house is clean to a high standard, it ensures you meet the market expectations and more. Prospective tenants will take notice and appreciate it.

Carpets shampooed

Arranging carpets to be commercially cleaned can make a world of difference in attracting good tenants, especially when a family member suffers from allergies.

Clean the windows inside and out.

Having clean windows both inside and outside will make a big difference.

Check that all light bulbs are working.

getting your property ready to rent - - all ways property mangment palmerston northIf all light bulbs are working before tenants move in, then it makes it a lot easier with the expectation that all light bulbs work when the tenant vacates the property.

And it’s less hassle for everybody concerned.

It's the simple things that often count.

Such as having gutters cleaned, the house washed of all cobwebs and grime, the mailbox replaced if it’s tired, gardens tidied, lawns mowed, and edges trimmed.

Wash or water blast the patio, deck, paths, or house if needed; this will make a big difference to the overall presentation. 

Get niggly repairs & maintenance done.

Tighten kitchen cupboards and window hinges, repair or replace broken or faulty door handles or locks
Repair or replace any leaky taps, toilet cisterns continually running etc. 

Replace any old/mouldy/faded curtains.

Tired, worn-out or mouldy curtains are not a good look. Replacing these with fabric backing or thermal is an excellent option.

These days you can get fantastic deals ready-made to fit at cost-effective price. Not only do they look good, but they’ll also keep the house warmer.

Sometimes the important things only require a small investment.

getting your property ready to rent - - all ways property mangment palmerston northKitchens and bathrooms are the main areas that are generally the most important to the tenant.

It could be as simple as replacing an old, rusted oven with a good second-hand stove.

Health Home Compliance.

Ensure your rental property meets all areas of compliance within 120 days of a new tenancy.  

We recommend getting an independent third-party assessment completed by a reputable company.

Checkout our healthy homes blogs

Smoke Alarms.

For all rental properties, it’s mandatory to have working smoke alarms.

A smoke alarm must be within 3 mm of each bedroom or room where a person sleeps.

Checkout out our smoke alarms blog


On all new tenancy agreements, landlords must declare what type of insurance cover they have, whether it’s house rental or landlord’s special full risks cover, including house and contents excesses.

Check out our insurance blog.

Advertising for rent.

When advertising, how you write your ad can make a big difference. It’s best to use professional-looking photos with the right shot from the right angle can make your property stand out.

And loading a 360 3D virtual tour or video will set your property apart, attracting good tenants to rent your property faster.

Lastly, fresh flowers make a nice touch.

Nifty ways a property manager can make your life as a landlord easier (part 2)

nifty ways to make landlord life easier;- all ways property mangement palmerston north

Securing the services of a reliable and experienced property manager is crucial for both you and your rental property. With their expertise, you can expect optimal results that will significantly simplify your life as a landlord by;

Part 2 continued  (click here for part 1)

 ➡️ Access to market information and trends to help you make the best decisions when required.

✅ It is important when you want to make decisions like renovating, upgrading your property, doing general maintenance, or whatever the reason; discussing this with your property manager can give you valuable insight before you decide on the best course of action.

➡️ Collecting market rent and making sure tenants pay their rent on time. nifty ways a property manager makes life easier for landlords

✅ They will have processes and systems to check rent daily, follow up with tenants on any missed rent immediately, and, when necessary, send out a 14-day breach rent arrears notice.

✅ A good property manager that’s looking after you will have reminders when 12 monthly rent reviews are due.

✅ Will research the market and come back to you with what market rent is and then discuss this with you before sending out a 60-day rent increase letter.

➡️ Providing you with investment support and advice when you require it.

✅ If you want to purchase a rental property, it’s a good idea to talk to your property manager first.

✅ Suppose you get serious about putting in an offer from a renting perspective; they can come with fresh eyes and maybe a few what-ifs.

✅ Have you thought of this scenario or that?  That could save you a whole bunch of money before you go unconditional.

✅ If it’s a new area you are looking to invest in, have a short list of 2 to 3 property management companies that you would consider working with and then when talking to them individually about a possible purchase, you’ll have a sense of who has the most nous to help you best.

➡️ Making sure your rental property is compliant with the healthy homes standards.

✅ Sound property management is about protecting you, the landlord. Your property manager will have a preferred provider to do an independent, healthy homes report on your property. If any areas are not compliant, they can help to source quotes and manage tradesmen to get your property fully compliant.

➡️ Implementing and documentation of a health and safety management plan for your rentals.

✅ Again, keeping you, the landlord and their company safe from legal mitigation should be a high priority for your property manager.

✅ As a PCUB (a person conducting business or undertaking), they will discuss any possible health issue or hazard at your property, document this and determine what action may need to be taken in a given situation.

➡️ Ongoing industry training and updating.

✅ Property manager’s worth their salt will always be willing to upskill themselves and continually be up to date with new tenancy laws or legislation that will affect your rental property and its management.

➡️ A professional approach always ensures you receive the best service possible.

✅ A High-value professional service is essential to optimise your ROI, providing higher tenant retention, efficient operational systems and streamlined processes, risk mitigation, and bringing expertise and industry knowledge to the table.

➡️ Have ongoing access to expert legal tenancy advice when required to protect you as the landlord.  nifty ways a property manager makes life easier for landlords

✅ In the renting game, on occasion, your property manager may need expert advice when it comes to tenancy law.

✅ A property management company that has your back will have a tenancy law expert easily accessible to run past more complicated tenancy matters. In most circumstances, you shouldn’t incur any costs for this service.

✅ Having your best interests at heart at all times.

✅ A competent, trustworthy property manager will always look after your rental property like it was their own. Treat you and your tenants with respect at all times.

✅ Report to you promptly even if it’s not good news like an expensive repair job.

✅ They will do their utmost to keep expenses to a minimum and get the best return for your property.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do. We would love to manage your property too.

So if you are considering engaging a property manager in Palmerston North, Manawatu or Tararua Region.

Please feel free to drop me an email or call 027 249 8295