See the below checklist when getting your property ready to rent.

Please consider the value it will bring to the rental market when you advertise a well-presented property gives you more options to secure the best tenant on merit with a broader pool of tenants.

Squeaky Clean

Make sure the house interior is clean. I mean spick & span!

Please do not take the importance of a spotless rental lightly and the added value it will make to prospective tenants.

When a house is clean to a high standard, it ensures you meet the market expectations and more. Prospective tenants will take notice and appreciate it.

Carpets shampooed

Arranging carpets to be commercially cleaned can make a world of difference in attracting good tenants, especially when a family member suffers from allergies.

Clean the windows inside and out.

Having clean windows both inside and outside will make a big difference.

Check that all light bulbs are working.

getting your property ready to rent - - all ways property mangment palmerston northIf all light bulbs are working before tenants move in, then it makes it a lot easier with the expectation that all light bulbs work when the tenant vacates the property.

And it’s less hassle for everybody concerned.

It's the simple things that often count.

Such as having gutters cleaned, the house washed of all cobwebs and grime, the mailbox replaced if it’s tired, gardens tidied, lawns mowed, and edges trimmed.

Wash or water blast the patio, deck, paths, or house if needed; this will make a big difference to the overall presentation. 

Get niggly repairs & maintenance done.

Tighten kitchen cupboards and window hinges, repair or replace broken or faulty door handles or locks
Repair or replace any leaky taps, toilet cisterns continually running etc. 

Replace any old/mouldy/faded curtains.

Tired, worn-out or mouldy curtains are not a good look. Replacing these with fabric backing or thermal is an excellent option.

These days you can get fantastic deals ready-made to fit at cost-effective price. Not only do they look good, but they’ll also keep the house warmer.

Sometimes the important things only require a small investment.

getting your property ready to rent - - all ways property mangment palmerston northKitchens and bathrooms are the main areas that are generally the most important to the tenant.

It could be as simple as replacing an old, rusted oven with a good second-hand stove.

Health Home Compliance.

Ensure your rental property meets all areas of compliance within 120 days of a new tenancy.  

We recommend getting an independent third-party assessment completed by a reputable company.

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Smoke Alarms.

For all rental properties, it’s mandatory to have working smoke alarms.

A smoke alarm must be within 3 mm of each bedroom or room where a person sleeps.

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On all new tenancy agreements, landlords must declare what type of insurance cover they have, whether it’s house rental or landlord’s special full risks cover, including house and contents excesses.

Check out our insurance blog.

Advertising for rent.

When advertising, how you write your ad can make a big difference. It’s best to use professional-looking photos with the right shot from the right angle can make your property stand out.

And loading a 360 3D virtual tour or video will set your property apart, attracting good tenants to rent your property faster.

Lastly, fresh flowers make a nice touch.

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