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Our Management Fee Structure

Our Management Fee structure is transparent and easy to understand. We aim to deliver a quality service that’s responsive, effective, and affordable.

You will not find hidden costs, charges or fees buried in the small print or tacked on to the end of your monthly statements.

Our fees are competitive; however, we make no secret about the fact that we are not the cheapest in town; we pride ourselves in giving excellent value and service.

We provide a comprehensive property management service, where corners are just not cut.

Providing you with a transparent management fee structure

Hands-on, individual attention, providing you peace of mind.

Management Commission 10.5% plus GST of rent collected. Flat base fee.

All Ways includes

All Ways full financial access Real time Reporting

All Ways also provides real-time reporting—all clients can gain access to our 24/7 online portal. Our property management software provides you with quality reports, detailed financial statements (past or current), end of year summaries, transaction reports, and invoices.

Incidental cost (not included)

You’ll only pay for these added extras if you need them and we will talk to you about it first.

Repairs and Maintenance

We’ll arrange urgent or minor repairs (to an agreed value) and ensure all jobs get completed to our satisfaction promptly. For more costly repairs, we’ll discuss the options with you first and arrange quotes for your approval.

Project Management of Renovations

10% plus GST (with owner’s consent if service is required).

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