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The Tenancy Process

All Ways Property Management offers a full rental property management service.

Our goal is to ensure that you get the best result in terms of return on investment and occupancy, as well as expert property investment support should you wish to invest throughout the Manawatu or the Tararua region.

We’ll keep the process simple and streamlined every step of the way.

Finding a Tenant​

We will advertise your property; meet tenant’s viewing the property. After we receive a rental application, we’ll carry out our comprehensive selection process, including credit & background checking.

We always seek tenants who will make rent payments promptly, look after your property, do not annoy or disrupt neighbours and who we can build a good rapport – this way we can both sleep easy at night!

Credit and Background Checks

Knowing your tenant is the most crucial step towards a successful tenancy.

Tenantcheck by is available exclusively to Property Managers which ensures that you are getting the highest level of security access available.

Tenantcheck gives access to over 100 databases and datasets. Tenantcheck tells Property Managers if your tenancy applicant is wanted by the Police in other countries, has a judgement from Tenancy Tribunal, High Court and Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and much more.

We have access to Tenancy Tribunal records and can search back twelve years, which is significantly further than the Ministry of Justice website which only goes back three years.

Setting the Rent

At the time of advertising to ensure maximised revenues, we conduct, evaluate & research the rental market to establish current market rent.

With current legislation, rental assessments can be done twelve-monthly. Before to actioning any rental increases, we will schedule a time to discuss this with you for your approval.

Monitoring and Collecting Rents

Computer software provides for checks the paid-to dates of all tenants daily, our rent management software is extremely efficient and provides reassurance any arrears are dealt with promptly.

Our rent arrears policy means if rent gets missed, we take action to enforce payment when rent is one day late and don’t stop chasing until payment; our tenants know this.

We monitor all requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and Landlord Rent Insurance obligations to ensure a prompt outcome. As part of our property management service, clients remain updated every step of the way.


As an owner-operated property management business, we have a 100% focus on your success. Communication to you and your tenants is important to us.

Having good relationships with tenants allows us to minimise and resolve any problems efficiently. We will keep you in-the-loop with honest and prompt updates as needed, so you can rest easy knowing your properties are in great hands.

Residential Tenancies Act

We stick to the rules like glue; otherwise, there are serious consequences. We want your interests protected and will ensure all legal obligations get met with minimum involvement on your part.

Inspections & Maintenance

The initial report with a full library of photos is used as a comparison for the final condition report, ensuring the property is the same condition when the tenants moved in upon vacating.

During the tenancy, we inspect the property every three months and send you a report with photos noting the condition and any maintenance needed.

Well, arrange urgent or minor repairs and ensure all jobs get completed to our satisfaction promptly. For more costly repairs with the discussion with you first well arrange quotes for your approval.