Here’s a funny story of a tenant who did not fully understand why property managers go and do routine inspections on rental properties for landlords, which also benefits the tenant.

In this case, I had an indignant tenant; when I did an inspection, the tenant reckoned. I was like in the military, you know, with white gloves going around looking at every crook & cranny.

All we’re doing is ensuring the property is reasonably clean and tidy, and there’s no damage, water leaks or anything that could cause possible damage or unnecessary repairs.

Safeguard Landlords

What we want to do is safeguard the landlord’s insurance cover. If there were an insurance claim, it would be a successful, and there would be no issues.

We always check under the kitchen sink and bathroom basins for water leaks. We check the hot water cupboard and all cylinder pipes etc.

And, of course, we also check smoke alarms are working. We’re not smoke alarm experts, but we’re going to check from a layman’s perspective that everything’s fine. And, of course, the alarm does actually beep.

That’s, what we are there for, and so, this particular tenant commented on my Facebook page something like,  gosh, this guy is over the top; why don’t you get out the white gloves? 

And I mean, yeah, we hold to high standards, but not unreasonable; we expect tenants to present the property reasonably clean and tidy. And really, what does reasonably clean & tidy mean?

So we have a checklist that we provide tenants on what we believe is clean and tidy.

We ask tenants to sign that they agree at the start of the tenancy, particularly for what’s expected when vacating the property.

Of course, we adhere to that same standard when presenting a property for rent. 

There is an expectation, and we send out an initial inspection letter explaining what we are looking for at a routine inspection.

But on the funny side, no, we’re not putting our hands with white gloves on the top of doorway frames to see what dust is there. 😀

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