This short video discusses the problems that trees overhanging a house can cause:

➡️ Mould & dampness.
➡️ Breaks down paintwork.
➡️ Dark and dingy with a lack of light.
➡️ Blocked gutters.
➡️ Roof leaks. 
➡️ Tree roots that uplift driveways & house foundations.


I love trees but don’t like them when they hang over your rental property.

I wouldn’t say I’m a tree hugger, but I love trees, gardens, and lovely grounds. It looks great. And I’m not a gardener, but my wife’s a great gardener.

Palmerston North is known for its well-established streets with trees aligned down the streets and properties with established grounds and gardens, and it looks fantastic.

However, trees next to a house and overhanging over a home can block gutters and cause mould and dampness issues.

When gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, roof leaks can occur, and the house can become dark and dingy.

It would help if you got those trees pruned the branches right back, so it lets the light in, and in some cases, it’s best to take out a tree.

I don’t know why people don’t deal with this more frequently, but I see it far too often when trees branch overhang the roof, and it’s not good.

Another issue can be with root systems and trees. If you’ve got a tree, say 15 or 20 metres in height, the roots will grow at least that length underground, if not more.

You may have seen roots uplift concrete driveways. It’s rare, but they can also uplift the foundations of houses. So get rid of these trees or prune them up.

I don’t like trees beside a house, but I love trees.

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