Earlier this month, I did a blog on healthy homes standards, and I mentioned there’s still resistance out there with some landlords being reluctant to comply.

Check out the article here ▶ Healthy Homes Standards – Landlords & All The Blasted Red Tape

With some landlords recently engaging us, I’ve had to push hard to get the information we needed to prepare a new tenancy agreement. 

And at times this, can be a little bit overwhelming, and I know some clients must think, Man, this guy’s a bit over the top.

But here’s the thing: Tenancy Services and the compliance team audited us twice in August 2020 and again in February 2023.

They check to make sure the tenancy agreements are correct and in line with the residential tenancies act, particularly regarding the healthy homes standards and boy, they are really pedantic. If you leave a box unticked

If you leave a box unticked, they will pull you up on it; for example, with insulation.

You need to declare the date the insulation has been either installed or when assessed, either or, or both if known. 

On this particular tenancy, I put down the insulation date assessed and left the installed insulation date blank instead of writing unknown.

Indeed, this is a very minor thing, but the fact that they mention it, my goodness, what would happen if you got a significant point wrong? You  would get fined, no doubt about it.

Another example is simply forgetting to click the box confirming insulation is in reasonable condition, Even though you’ve declared that the insulation had been assessed and met the R-value standards.  

Or on the healthy home statement, heating must confirm the kilowatts required and that the heat pump capacity does meet the living room capacity KW needed.

But still getting pulled up for not ticking the box (does the tolerance or top-up allowance for existing heater apply) When it’s apparent top-up heating is not required, but you still have to tick the box; how bizarre is that?

In the world, we live in today with legislation and the bureaucratic system; you do have to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

For more information ➡ Tenancy Services & Healthy Homes Healthy Homes - Please Don't Shoot The Messenger

So landlords, please don’t shoot the messenger if your property manager asks for information; they’ve got your best interests at heart.

Please do your best to get that information they need to protect you.

If you want some help with your rental property,  Call Richard on 027 249 8295 today.’ 

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