Unfortunately, communication can get lost in big companies as it gets passed down for job bookings etc.

I recently had an experience engaging a heat pump installer in a prominent firm.

The owner accepted the quote; I notified the tenant for access and then emailed the office confirming where a key would be and the time for access to the property.

All done and dusted, unfortunately, not; the evening before the work was to commence.

The property owner got a text from one of the installers asking how early they could start the work.

So I text the owner back (don’t worry, the jobs booked in already)

Lo and behold 9 p.m. that night, the same guy text’s  me asking the same question; clearly, there is a breakdown in the processes and systems when booking jobs.

Chinese Whispers

With larger companies, they must have sound systems and processes that all staff follow.

Otherwise, they end up playing the game Chinese Whispers; you know, there’s a group, say, four people.  Chinese whispers

The first person whispers a statement to the second person, and so on, and by the time it comes to the last person, it’s an entirely different message.

Everyone has a good laugh, but it’s not so funny in business.

There’s an interesting article at Harvard Business Review titled The Silent Killer of Big Companies worth checking out.

It mentions the importance of leaders who put a premium on ensuring that people in their organization talk with each other, and not just to each other. 

Communication Breakdowns In Property Management

In the property management industry, I’m starting to see a trend of landlords and property investors not wanting to work with the big companies so much because of these communication breakdowns.

Yes, some large Property Management operators do a great job because they have their systems and processes in place that everyone follows.  property management and communication

But when communication breaks down, it can be chaos, and the end-user suffers the most, which are the landlords and tenants.

It certainly makes it harder to compete with the smaller independent property management companies like All Ways Property regarding giving great value and service.

Why? because the owner still works on the coal face of their business.

If you want some help with your rental property, Call Richard on 027 249 8295 today.’

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