Ignoring tenant requests is bad for business, particularly regarding repairs and maintenance or any other concern tenants have communicated.

As a landlord, your tenants rely on you to maintain safe and liveable premises and respond to their needs and concerns. Unfortunately, some landlords may ignore tenant communication, leaving their tenants frustrated and powerless.

Ignoring tenant communication can be a huge inconvenience for your tenants, which may lead to legal issues and damage your reputation as a landlord.

A landlord’s responsibility is to provide tenants with a safe, functional dwelling, which means addressing repairs, maintaining the property, and promptly responding to tenant requests and concerns.

When you ignore your tenants’ communication, you’re not only failing to fulfil your responsibilities as a landlord.

Tenants who feel ignored or neglected are likelier to leave the property sooner.

When Shopping

Most of us can relate to going into a shop, intending to buy something and being ignored by the shop attendant, which can be very frustrating as we have come in specifically to purchase an item. Ignoring Tenant Requests

We don’t mind waiting when the shop is busy. But just being ignored for other reasons when we’re ready to spend our hard-earned money can get your dander up.

And if you were to be continually ignored, you would probably walk out and go somewhere else.

As mentioned in the previous post giving customer service to tenants pays off big time.

When tenants are looked after, they generally stay longer and look after the property, and when they eventually leave, the property is left how they found it, clean and tidy.

Tips when responding to your tenant requests in a timely and effective manner:

1️⃣ Set expectations from the beginning of the tenancy, and make it clear to your tenants how they should communicate with you and what to expect regarding response times. If you have a policy of responding to all communication within 24 hours, ensure your tenants know this.

2️⃣ Use technology; various tools are available to make it easier to manage tenant communication.

3️⃣ Prioritize urgent requests: If a tenant reports a pressing issue, such as a broken pipe or a gas leak, respond immediately to prevent further damage to your property and protect your tenants’ safety.

4️⃣ Keeping records of all communication is important, particularly regarding repairs and maintenance; this can be very helpful if there were a future dispute.

5️⃣ Follow up with your tenant after addressing a repair issue to ensure it has been resolved satisfactorily; this helps you build trust with them. It makes them feel appreciated and that they are not just a number.

However if managing your own rental is not for you.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do. We would love to manage your property too.

So if you are considering engaging a property manager.

Please feel free to drop me an email or call 027 249 8295  📞

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