Landlords’ tenants are customers, not friends; treating tenants as customers make it easier to keep emotions intact, ensuring you always act responsibly and professionally.

One of the six common, costly landlord mistakes I wrote about in a blog is not treating tenants like customers.

(check out six costly landlord mistakes)

Tenants are Customers and Deserve to be Treated as Such.

▶ Landlords provide a place for tenants to live and a service; if something needs repair, you’ll need to get it sorted and maintain the property to a reasonable standard.

▶ Of course, tenants have responsibilities as well. Landlords - Tenants Are Customers.- all ways property management palmerston north

▶ But if you’re renting property and have no tenant, you have no business, just like a motel with no guests, there’s no business.

▶ Sometimes landlords get this wrong; looking at tenants is a necessary inconvenience if you like.

What if we changed that thinking around and asked.

🟢 What type of product am I providing for my customer?
🟢 How can I improve it to attract an even better tenant customer?
🟢 How do I improve my cash flow and, at the same time, provide better service?

It is Crucial to Position Yourself as the Authority; Don’t take off that Professional Hat.

➡ Being friendly and approachable in your relationship with the tenants is one thing.

1️⃣ But make sure you don’t cross the line between professionalism and casual friendship.

2️⃣ Many landlords become friends with their tenants, especially tenants who have occupied the property for an extended period.

3️⃣ Giving them this much freedom may not be good for business.

4️⃣ If you position yourself as a friend, people are likelier to take advantage of you.

5️⃣ Some might even start paying the rent late or skip some altogether because they expect your friendly side to understand their situation.

6️⃣  When running a successful rental property business, you can’t afford any missed rent due to poor tenant relationships.

Remember, you’re looking for Tenants who are Paying Customers, not Friends and Acquaintances.

🟢 First impressions count.
🟢 People never forget how you made them feel.
🟢 Treat people how you want to be treated. Landlords - Tenants Are Customers.
🟢 Be available; ensure tenants know how you can be reached and are available for them.
🟢 Be responsive. Engage in active listening to ensure that the tenant feels heard.
🟢 Look to find a workable solution for any problem, no matter how difficult at the start, this may be.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do. 

So if you are considering engaging a property manager

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