Set Clear Expectations.

With all new tenancies, it’s essential to set clear expectations upfront.

It’s important to have an inducting process when signing up new tenants.

We always read through the tenancy agreement with all new tenants, ensuring they understand their legal requirements.

Pointing out the most crucial clauses they need to be aware of and ensure their personal details are correct.

✅ Tenants appreciate knowing what’s expected of them to get their full bond back at the end of the tenancy.

Providing a vacate checklist at the start of the tenancy and going over this with them makes life easier for everyone. New Tenancies - Set Clear Expectations Upfront

▶️ Of course, as long as the landlord/property manager adheres to the same standards at the start of the tenancy.

▶️ Having a checklist reminds the tenant what to do when they are ready to vacate, i.e. cleaning, returning keys etc.

▶️ It reinforces how the property has been presented to them. (tip make sure the vacate checklist is sent out with the vacate letter at the end of a tenancy)

▶️ If you’ve done your job correctly, providing a well-presented property and have selected good tenants.

When leaving the premises, your tenants will feel more obligated to hand over the property to that standard.

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Provide an Ingoing Property Condition Report.

An ingoing condition report should provide an accurate account of the condition of the rental property.

Point out the overall condition of every room from the floor to the ceiling, i.e. average condition or very good.

Specify any property defect or damage, for example, a small dent in the dining room wall near the window.

It is best to weigh up what’s fair wear and tear, as this does not need to be recorded as the tenants are not liable for normal fair wear and tear to the property.

Take a full library of photos to back up your ingoing condition report. With all new tenancies, it's essential to set clear expectations upfront.It's important to have a tenant induction process.

Our tenancy agreements have a clause stating tenants have seven days to note any items of difference from the commencement date.

Otherwise, the tenant accepts the premises in the condition referred to in the property condition report; this is a great way to get buy-in from your tenant.

The state of the property is agreed upon and signed by both parties upfront

➡️ At the end of the tenancy, it stops any argument regarding the property’s condition, as you can refer back to the condition report.

➡️ It can solve a whole lot of heartache with the He Said She Said scenario.

➡️ Doing the above well, setting expectations upfront avoids conflict at the end of a tenancy.

↩️Do this poorly, and the outcome can be very stressful and costly.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do.

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