This short video talks you through four tips for tenants applying to rent a property that will help you if you are a tenant looking to apply for a rental property.

➡️ Follow instructions on advertising media.

➡️ Viewing the property.

➡️ Applications.

➡️ Referees – Ideally, landlord current & past and character referees are professional in nature.


I’ve wanted to do these four little tips for a while, which hopefully help you If you are a tenant looking to apply for a property.

1️⃣ Follow instructions on advertising media.

The first one is to follow instructions on advertising media, how to use and book a view generally. Property management companies usually have it at the top of the page in the description. Copy this link.

It sends you either through to a tenancy service portal, or it might send you through to the property management company’s website, where you can register and book viewings.

We get emails from tenants all the time. How do you apply? How do you view this property? When the instructions are already there? So please follow the instructions now.

Also, when a property is first listed, viewing times are generally scheduled, and you can select one. Of course, if those viewing times don’t work, you’re registered, and then you can email and say, hey, look.

I see you got a couple of viewing times, but unfortunately, they don’t work. Please let me know if there’s another viewing because I want to view the property, and then you’re good to go. But please follow the instructions.

3️⃣ Viewing

Viewing the property, of course, if you have booked in for a viewing, turn up obviously.

Look, at least half of the people who book for viewing don’t turn up; it’s easy to cancel. Why would you book in if you can’t make it? It’s easy to cancel. You get reminders as well, so cancel.

Common sense. And if you’re running late, it’s good to ring up the agent, say you’re running late, phone or text or whatever, but there’s nothing worse than when you’re locking up and someone’s turning up late. If you were aware, this makes it much easier, so please do that.

3️⃣ Applications before or after viewings? 

Some companies stipulate you’ve got to view a property they don’t want someone to apply for and then go to view the property and find out it’s unsuitable.

But I don’t mind an application coming in before you’ve viewed the property. But again, if this is what the instruction is, just follow that instruction.

Personally, though, I like people applying first. If you’ve seen it and there’s a 3d tour, you’ve had a good look and are confident it meets your needs. Certainly apply because once you’ve viewed it, you’re halfway there already.

4️⃣  Referees

Referees ideally have two landlord references. Most current and past landlords are really important.

They’re very good for determining your suitability as a tenant, and we need to know that. Unfortunately, we can’t do it at face value. Also, character referees are good but professional. I mean that it could be an employer, current employer, or past employer.

It could be professional in nature, as in social work or someone that comes into your home. It could be a real estate agent who sold your property in the past. Or you might have just sold and are going to rent a property. They’re all good. But not mums and dads.

A lot of tenants put down family members and friends, and it’s just not suitable, unfortunately; if you’re applying for a job, would you put your mum or dad down as a reference?

Probably not, and it’s the same when you’re applying for a rental property,

I hope these tips help you. See you next time.


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