Renting, yep, first impressions count. There’s no doubt about it when meeting someone for the first time or looking at a rental property.

Sometimes, you can add tremendous value at a very low cost before renting your property.

I had been approached by a new client who wanted their property rented as they were moving out of town. This particular property was located on a back section of a shared driveway.

When I met the client for the first time, I thought, Oh no. The metal driveway had long grass growing on both sides of a drive, and there were potholes everywhere.

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It just wasn’t a good look. But when I went on-site, the property was very tidy inside. And there were lovely grounds outside. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I suggested to the owner we need to get the grass tidied up on the shared driveway verge and lay base course metal to fill in the potholes before we advertise the property for rent.

What a huge difference that made; indeed, first impressions count, and at a low cost, it added so much value and street appeal.

Yep First Impressions Count

➡️ And the neighbour, in fact, not long after the main driveway was done, tidied up their driveway. Trimmed the grass verge and removed the blackberry along the fence. 

➡️ It was an add-on effect influencing a neighbour, which added even more street appeal.

In a Blog, Getting Your Property Ready To Rent, I mentioned it’s quite often the simple things that count.

Such as having gutters cleaned, the house washed of all cobwebs and grime, the mailbox replaced if it’s tired, gardens tidied, lawns mowed, and edges trimmed.

Or wash or water blast the patio, deck, paths, or house if needed.

You can check the blog out here.

Making life easier for landlords is what we do.

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